Thursday, September 26, 2013

No place like home

Its been a bizarre couple of weeks here at the Smith household.
We found water coming into the house from the back door which led to the funness of remodeling.
My house has since turned into a disaster zone.
Who would have known just a 4x2 piece of water damage would lead to:
*deep breathe*

* Adding a roof over the deck
* Taking out ALL of the floors through out the house and putting in porcelain tile
* Painting the interior of the house (Makes me glad we went with 1400 sq ft rather than anything larger!)
* Getting leather couches
* And finally, getting a back splash put in the kitchen.

I can't wait to get my house back in order! I am sitting in the carpetless living room among a maze of furniture thinking we have completely lost our minds...

Despite the remodel mess going on I'm also preparing for 3 festivals in the next 2 months and an ever growing list of custom orders.

I made these sweet little photo props for a photography friend of mine this past week.
Hopefully when things settle down a bit here I'll be able to post a few of these patterns for you guys.

1 comment:

  1. These props are so cute! I hope you do share but I understand the chaos... even if I haven't lived in it myself I can imagine.

    New to your blog thanks to The Yarn Box featuring your earwarmer/headband which I love by the way ;)